Rules of operation

After arrival to Inn guest will show his ID or passport. Without any documents, guest cannot be accommodated.

Accomodation applies from 12am to 5pm. Another time of accommodation can be discussed in advance.

Price of accommodation is paid after arrival according to the Price list. After the payment the guest receives a key to his room and the main entrance, possibly to parking lot.

In case of custommer doesn’t arrive and occupy the in-advance-ordered room within 24 hours since reservation starts, we apply cancel fee equal to 100% of accomodaion price, and the accomodation is canceled with no refunds. This doesn’t apply in case of custommer’s notification of being late via phone of mail.

In all spaces of the Inn, there is a ban on smoking. Smoking in this area will triger the fire alarm, making the fire department to arrive for no reason. Moving equipment or any alteration of electrical grid is not allowed without permission from Inn staff.

For security reasons guest can use on his room only those electrical appliances, which serve to personal hygiene(electric shaver, hair drier etc.), computers and adapters. No electric kettles allowed.

Visitors are allowed only on reception, room visitors have to sign in into guestbook.

We expect our guests will keep Inn and surroundings clean and use carefully it’s equipment.

It is not appropriate, for security reasons, to leave children unattended in rooms and other Inn spaces. Parent or supervisor is responsible for any possible damage caused by children.

Inn doesn’t guarantee safety of things brought in by guest and for damage on things put off (jewellery, money and other valuables).

Dogs and other animals can be accommodated after prior agreement, assuming, that during their staying they don’t disturb other guest, don’t damage or pollute Inn’s equipment.

Between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. guests are asked to obey night silence, good behavior towards other guests is matter of course.

Upon leaving rooms, guest will close windows, water faucets, turns off the lights and locks his room and entry doors.

For any damage caused to Inn’s property, the guest is obligated to report it on reception and pay for it.

Check out from the Inn on 10am, guest returns his keys to authorized person. There is 1000 czk fee for losing the keys. In case guest in estimated time doesn’t return the key and is not present in the Inn, the Inn reservers the right to clear out the room in presence of two members of Inn staff, so the room could be available for other reservations. In this case, guest will be accounted one more day of accommodation.

Guest is obligated to keep the provision of this Accomodation rules. In case of breaking the rules, Inn administration has the right to withdraw from the Agreement of providing accommodation service before estimated time.

Guest complaints on quality of provided services is accepted by Inn administration and any recommendation to improve  our services is welcomed.

Inn administration wishes You a good day.